Other Ceremonies


Couples are not legally bound when they have a commitment ceremony. It is their way of celebrating their love for each other. It is a wonderful alternative to a wedding for those who are unable able to legally marry for various reasons – not legally free to marry, or in some cases, just do not wish to be bound by a legal wedding ceremony. Your ceremony can be as traditional or informal as you wish. It is important that your guests be made aware that your ceremony is not legally binding in the eyes of the law.


The renewal/reaffirmation of vows ceremony can be performed at any time but it is mostly used to signify a particular milestone anniversary during a marriage. Sometimes couples who have been married overseas (once legally married you cannot be married again) want to have another ceremony in Australia to include family and friends who could not attend the first ceremony. This ceremony would not contain any of the legal components of a normal marriage ceremony.


A naming ceremony is a wonderful way to welcome a new-born into your family and friends and also the community. It is a non-religious ceremony which can incorporate various readings, the announcement of the guardians or god-parents, and a warm welcome to the little one into the world. This ceremony can also be used to signify the coming together of blended families after marriage.